Does your organization have the tools to carry out its communication activities effectively?
Most likely your answer is “I think so” or “some of the time.”
But, do you really know?  Take the following questionnaire to see if your organization has the tools to communicate effectively.
  • Does your organization have a full-time staff member with training in public relations, corporate communications or marketing to manage your communications activities?
  • Are your brochures and flyers welcoming and “screen in” rather than “screen out” potential clients?
  • Does your communications staff have enough time to carry out all the activities that need to be done to communicate effectively with your stakeholders?
  • Are your organization’s written materials always well written, jargon free and written for the intended audience?
  • Does your communication staff edit every newsletter, letter, brochure and flyer produced by front-line staff and volunteers?
  • Are your brochures, newsletters and annual reports professionally printed, rather than photocopied?
  • Are your newsletters always newsworthy and never include “stale” news?
  • Do your printed materials and website have a common theme, with the proper use of logos, colours, fonts, etc?
  • Are your newsletters and brochures produced using a desktop publishing program?
  • Do your proposals answer the funder’s questions and conform to the funder’s guidelines?
  • Have your clients, funders and other stakeholders complimented your organization on the quality of your communication vehicles?